Graves of Valor - Famine
Graves of Valor - Famine
Graves of Valor - Famine
Graves of Valor - Famine
Graves of Valor - Famine
Graves of Valor - Famine
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Graves of Valor - Famine

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SSR011 is the iconic 2007 EP “Famine” by the insanely talented Graves of Valor.
Hailing from Florence, South Carolina, Graves is made up of some of the original members of Through the Eyes of the Dead and you can definitely tell by their sound. They took everything that TTEOTD did well and built upon it. Those iconic chords we know and love, riffs, ridiculous solos, riffs, pummeling breakdowns, riffs, technical drums and some of the meanest most unique vocals from the time are some of the highlights of this masterpiece of an EP. Did I mention that this record has riffs for days too? Listen now on our bandcamp.

This is a limited pressing of 225 copies across 4 different variants:

25: “Stupid Fancy”
50: Heavy Rainbow Splatter
50: Red/Black/Brown Smash
100: Transparent Purple with Black and White Splatter

Remixed and remastered for vinyl by Jamie King.
Art by Alexandre Goulet.
Casing by Taylor Bates.

Due to complex process of pressing vinyl, mock-up's may differ from final product.

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